Political Science

Political Science

The Department of Political Science promotes and coordinates research, teaching and training activities in the broad field of political, social sciences and international relations. Students acquire complex skills with an international focus in various professional fields thanks to an interdisciplinary approach (political, social, historical, economic, legal, linguistic).

Thanks to a course catalogue widely renewed, it offers many job opportunities. As for the Bachelor’s Degree, you can choose among the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, the Bachelor’s Degree in Policies cooperation and development, the Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Administration.

As for the Master’s Degree, you can choose among the Master’s Degree in Administrations and public policies, International relations, International studies, Political science for digital society and Global security studies: environment, energy and conflicts that take into account research progress and the evolution of labour skills by a strong network with stakeholders.

Master’s Degree in International Studies is delivered in English, it is focused on the creation of professionals with a multidisciplinary approach, particularly in the field of diplomacy, other job opportunities are in international organisations, multinational companies. The main subject areas concern International Policy, International Relations, International Macroeconomics, etc. The Master’s Degree also allows the study of Arabic, Russian, Chinese languages and a successful cooperation with research institutes and foreign universities.
For further information, please consult the following website: Master's degree in Internationl Studies.

The Department of Political Science also offer two Master’s degree leading to a double qualification allowing participating students to obtain a double degree recognised both in their home university and in the foreign partner universities: ·

  • Double Degree in International Relations with the University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires)
  • Double Degree in International Studies with American University (Washington DC)

For further information, please consult the following website: Double Degree


Degree courses of the Department of Political Science require a compulsory and non selective  exam for the assessment of basic knowledge.

The admission exam will be held on line in Roma Tre’s premises: Piazza Telematica

Date of the exam: 23/09/2022

The exam includes 40 multiple choice questions, each with five options and only one correct answer.

They are composed of 3 sections:

  • Text comprehension: 2 texts for a total of 10 questions to be solved within 30 minutes
  • Acquired knowledge: 15 questions to be solved within 30 minutes;
  • Logic, reasoning and mathematical language: 15 questions to be solved within 30 minutes;

Each admission test will have a section test for the assessment of English language knowledge including 30 questions to be done in 15 minutes. The test related to  the knowledge of the English Language does not contribute to the calculation of the final score, but replaces the test of linguistic positioning referred to in art. 9 of the call for applications and enrolment.

On the basis of the test result, additional learning requirements can be required to be fulfilled within the first year course. You can find the operating procedures, in order to fulfil additional learning requirements (OFA) in  the Regolamenti didattici  of the  study programmes on the web site of the Department


For further information about calls for applications, proceeding for enrollment,  fees and grants, please consult the Student Portal  

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