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An international approach in higher education and research has always been a priority for our University, we want our students to gain international competences being able to work and communicate in a multicultural context thus better responding to the growing demand of highly trained staff and to the challenges of globalisation of the labour market.

We work on providing student exchanges through:

Moreover, the University offers various “international classrooms” through single courses delivered in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, for further information please consult  foreign language courses for a.y. 2022/23

Contact: Student Division and European Student Mobility Programme


Orientation for prospective students

Roma Tre is always next to you, since your university choice. If you are still in doubt, if you need an orientation to understand the functional asset of the University, if you need to learn more about the academic offer at Roma Tre, if you need a guide updating you on the activities carried out during the event ” Orientarsi a Roma Tre on line” please contact the Orientation Office, you also find us on Facebook.


Scienze Politiche

Enrolment at Roma Tre

Now that you’ve understood that Roma Tre is the right University for you, go on with the enrolment, a very easy proceeding. Follow the instructions in the shortened version in English - calls for admission. All the proceedings related to the students career, admission test, enrolment, fees, grants and exemptions, post lauream, foreign qualification, international mobility may be carried out online through the Student Portal.

The Student Portal is a  website inside Roma Tre University website conceived to support students for information on administrative procedures.

Contact: Student Division and European Student Mobility Programme



Department Student Office

As soon as you step over the chosen Degree Course, you will have the support of the Department Student Office staff. Have a look to the details of your study plan, the first year exams, which curriculum you may choose … and everything related to the teaching.

Contact the Department Student Office.


Nobody is excluded, everybody can study at Roma Tre.

All the students of Roma Tre will have their specific support to achieve their study goal. If you are a student with disability, we will help you.

Follow the activities of the Office for Students with Disabilities and SLD


If you have a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD), you can count on us.
If you are a student with SLD, we will help you!

Contact our service


Job Placement/Internship

From college to work, we never leave you alone.

We have developed a Career Service providing several services and opportunities promoting the link between universities and the world of labour and leading you to your professional future.

Contact Job Placement Office

Moreover you can find additional opportunities through Dock3 an incubation programme of our University for startup.

Porta Futuro

Porta Futuro University Network

Roma Tre, in collaboration with Porta Futuro Lazio as part of the University placement services, will guide you through several useful services: an overview on the personal skills, the drafting of the curriculum,  the development of a video curriculum, professional orientation.

Follow us on the dedicated page of professional orientation and c.v.

Presentation video of Porta Futuro Lazio.

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Do you want to study in a quiet and comfortable environment? Do you need recommended texts for the exams? Do you need to carry out a research study and you don’t know how to start? Roma Tre provides libraries and reading rooms at the highest level, equipped in order to allow you to loan books, to study and to achieve research studies as well on line, supported by the qualified  staff  early on.

Attend the University as a whole and consult the University Library System


University Language Centre - CLA

Our University Language Centre (CLA) will provide services and tools in order to improve knowledge of foreign languages and award certification, you will be supported by a team of language trainers and skilled native-speaking. CLA manages on line and in person lessons, on line documentation and exchanges with foreign students to facilitate conversation.

Moreover, starting from a.y. 2021/22, Roma Tre has decided to invest in language training so that each student attending a Bachelor’s Degree course may obtain, free of charge, a B2 level certification in a foreign language. A basic requirement for accessing labour market and some Master’s Degree courses.

Contact:  University Language Centre


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