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Radio and Cinema

Do you want to enroll in the University but you would like to continue cultivating your passion for theatre, music or for the cinema? Roma Tre enhances your free time, you just have to balance your passions, your free time with the study.

Are you a radio enthusiast? Do you want to be a radio speaker? Do you like music?
Listen and get involved in the project Roma Tre Radio

Roma tre, also has an Audiovisual Production Center  belonging to the Department  of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts which carries out several activities and participates thanks to its movies and its documentaries  to various national and international events.


Roma Tre Orchestra, was founded in 2005, it is the first university orchestra established in Rome and in the Lazio Region, devoted to the excellence and the spread of the great music among  younger generation. All  students of Roma Tre, once passed the admission test, can participate in this wonderful experience of ensemble music and carry on their musical passion at a professional level.

Thanks to Roma Tre Orchestra every student can access, for a low price, to a rich concert season which hosts some of the best artists at national and international level.

Palladium Theatre

Roma Tre has its own theatre.

In the heart of Garbatella district, you can choose among a rich variety of plays thanks to the Palladium Theatre of Roma Tre.



Do you want to study but you believe that without a healthy sports activity you will never reach your study goals?

Roma Tre offers to its students a wide range of proposals, activities and sports facilities able to meet everyone’s needs: from football to chess, from pilates to volleyball, you can study by practicing your favourite sports with us.

Contact: Area Servizi per lo Sport.



Sustainability for Roma Tre is not just worth defending but practice actions to spread. Our University distributed free of charge 36.000 steel water bottles to all the enrolled students with a reduction in the use of plastic bottles for tens of thousands.

Roma Tre also responded to the challenge launched by Agenda 2030 for a sustainability development of the United Nations with an ambitious project: a multidisciplinary course in order to offer students a comprehensive information and a higher education on the 17 thematic objectives of Agenda 2030.
The commitment of Roma Tre towards environmental sustainability also covers the sustainable design of our facilities and sustainable mobility.

We promote the use of electrical car-sharing, bike-sharing.  In order to encourage the choice of shared mobility we have a service of carpooling and agreements with Itabus and Flixbus for medium long distances and with  Trenitalia, leasygo!, Hurry e Gogobus, Bird, Link, Voi, DOTT, Acciona, Ecooltra.

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