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Degree and Ph.D programmes in English

International vision and excellence in higher education are among the main purposes pursued by Roma Tre University by the establishment of a large network of foreign partner universities both in teaching and research. International degree courses allow Italian and foreign students to acquire knowledge aiming at creating professionals qualified to work in an international context.

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Single courses delivered in English

Roma Tre is very attentive to the needs of international students. Incoming students for Erasmus, exchange agreement and other can rely on a vast academic offer of courses taught mainly in english for almost each Degree programme  at bachelor level (Laurea Triennale), master level (Laurea Magistrale) and PhD’s, available as well for Italian students.

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The Global Legal Studies (GLS) program is an Italian / English bilingual program that integrates Italian excellence in legal education with a modern, multicultural and multilingual approach.

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International Degree programmes

Have a look at the list of double or joint degree programmes, which allow participating students to obtain a double qualification recognised both in their home university and in the foreign partner universities with whom Roma Tre have signed agreements: 

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