Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts

Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts

Degree courses managed by the Department aim at the acquiring of  skills in critical thinking in philosophical, historical, language, literature, social, psychology, anthropology, art, performing and communication contexts as well as the learning of research methods based on different ways of thinking philosophy from antiquity to the contemporary world. The courses also intend to achieve in-depth knowledge on the most important issues rising in the current cultural national and international debate, on the critical, historical and interpretative orientation of the history and theory of cinema, theatre, music and television, as well as to provide skills and understanding in the area of communication and language sciences. For this purpose, the Department offers its students, through its courses, the fundamental principles and critical tools to enrich their cultural background and their comprehension skills in order to create original ideas in an  independent research context as well as the acquiring of specific communication abilities in activities of design, implementation, management, evaluation of written and spoken media from paper to digital.

Enrolment and contacts 

Bachelor’s Degree courses offered are the following: 

  • Philosophy (L-5) 
  • Communication Studies (L-20) 
  • DAMS – studies in performing arts 

It is required a compulsory and non selective exam. The enrolment is possible even without taking the test.  

Date of the exams: 

  • first exam on 18/09/2023 deadline for application by 22/03/2023 -19/09/2023 
  • second exam on 03/10/2023 deadline for application by  13/09/2023 – 26/09/2023 

The admission test will be online; for further information , please consult the Student Portal 

In case of insufficient results or failure to take the test, it will be assigned a Further Required Courses (OFAs) that the student must pass 

Meanwhile with the evaluation test, the student shall take a language placement test 

For further information please consult the guidance activity (attività di orientamento - Italian version) in the Department web site.  

Master’s Degree courses offered are the following: 

  • Philosophical  sciences (LM-78) 
  • Information, publishing, journalism (LM-19) 
  • DAMS – Theatre – music- dance (LM-65) 
  • Cognitive sciences of communication and action (LM-92) 
  • Film, television and multimedial production (LM-65) 

Specific admission requirements to Master’s degree courses are detailed in the teaching regulation of each course and have to be examined by sending an application on prior assessment of career path within 15/09/2023. 

For further information on Calls for admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree 2023-2024, deadlines, enrolment, application on prior assessment of career path, tuition fees, please consult:Enrolment and admission - student portal   

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