Education Science

Education Science

Given the current historical context represented by changes in the regulatory framework of  school, extracurricular and university training processes, and the urgent need to create a truly common European training and research area, the Department of Education Science (DSF) intends to develop education and research paths allowing to train professionals able to act in the fields of education, social service, childcare, schools, services, third sector and in companies according to national and European regulation in education and research. 

The Department is addressed to students wishing to face in their study and professional future, the challenges of a changing educational demand existing in the contemporary society concerning: teacher training to the intercultural dimension, from adult education to continuing education; from the field of socio-educational services to the analysis of the more general social dimensions of today’s reality. 

The worldwide dimension of cultural and educational phenomena is an essential element of today's society that’s why  is necessary to develop research that allows to deepen the different theoretical, historical and comparative paths in an international educational perspective. 

The recent regulatory changes (D. Leg. 13 aprile 2017, n. 65 and  Law 205/2017), have redefined university path related to jobs in the area of education (early childhood education and care, socio-pedagogical professional educator, educational scientist). As a result of these changes, the Department has reviewed his course catalogue that is based  on a plurality of educational perspectives, aiming at the training  of professional  in the field of education and social.  

Enrollment and contacts 

Courses with open access

Degree courses in Early childhood education and care (L-19), in Educational Sciences for professional educators and adults’ educators(L-19), in Science Education in remote mode (L-19), in Social work and sociology (L-39/L-40) do not have a set quota for enrolment and requires a compulsory and non-selective admission exam for the assessment of basic knowledge through an admission test , the outcome of which or failure to take the test can lead to the assignment of Further Required Courses (OFAs) that the student must pass within the first year of the course. 

Date of the exam: 20 October 2023 

Enrollment can be carried out starting from 20 July till 16 October or with overcharge from 17 October till 15 December 2023. 

Courses with restricted access

Single cycle degree course in Primary teacher education requires a compulsory and selective exam 

Date of the exam: waiting for ministerial communication 

Enrollment can be done on taking the exam and can be carried out according to the deadlines on the calls for admission   

For further information about calls for application, proceeding for enrolment, fees and grants, please consult the Student Portal

Master’s Degree 

Students holding a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign degree can apply for a Master’s degree. 

Application for prior assessment of career path should be submitted from 22 march to 15 September 2023 or with overcharge from 16 September to 15 December 2023. 

Enrollment can be carried out from 20 July to 16 October 2023 and enrollment of students admitted under condition can be carried out within 31 March 2024. 

The Master’s degree in E-Learning and Media Education is the only one which establishes a set quota of 116 seats 

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