Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and Physics

Aims and objectives of the Department are:

  • To become a reference point for Physics and Mathematics, not only within the University but also in the area of Rome, as the only department in which Mathematics and Physics develop in a synergic way, while maintaining their own identity as scientific disciplines;
  • To pursue the advancement of pure and applied research in all areas of Physics and Mathematics, including computer science, logic and logical epistemology;
  • To promote, in close collaboration with the other University departments, interdisciplinary scientific research to which Physics and Mathematics provide an essential contribution, also through the establishment of interdepartmental centres;
  • To handle and promote research training for students, organising PhDs in Physics and Mathematics;
  • To manage the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and Physics, taking advantage of their synergies and aiming at broadening the educational offer, increasing its relevance, also at an international level;
  • To handle and promote the teaching of Physics and Mathematics  all-over the University, consolidating and developing academic activities in various study areas and also fostering institutional relations with the other University departments providing Physics and Mathematics courses in their programmes;
  • To promote collaboration and relations with prestigious national, international and foreign institutions;
  • To promote initial and on-duty training for school teachers in physics and mathematics;
  • To spread the scientific culture, with particular regard to Physics and Mathematics, through orientation activities for secondary school students and teacher training courses.



The Degree courses require a compulsory and non-selective exam for the assessment of basic knowledge through the TOLC-I test provided by CISIA company.

Before taking the test, it is necessary to:

  • enrol in TOLC-S through CISIA portal (link);
  • pre-enrol at Roma Tre: registration to online services through the web page and to enrol online to the admission test of Mathematics and Physics

Date of the exams prova CISIA at Roma Tre: 11/05/2022, 14/07/2022, 13/09/2022.

Deadline for application to the admission test within 2:00 P.M. of the following date: 29/04/2022, 08/07/2022, 07/09/2022.

The two admission tests taken on March 2022 in University’s premises during the events: University life days, Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation days are valid together with the CISIA TOLC S, TOLC B, TOLC I tests taken in other Degree Courses or in other Universities.The admission tests taken in other Degree Courses in which have been requested topics on “Mathematics” and “ Basic Mathematics” are valid, as well, previous evaluation of a specific commission.

Courses are planned for the preparation to the admission test and to fill any gaps in the initial preparation.

Enrolment can be carried out starting from 01/08/2022

For further information about calls for application, proceeding for enrolment, fees and grants, pleas consult the Student Portal.

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