Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

The  Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures is characterized by a deep international vocation. Its main purpose is the promotion and the strengthening of knowledge in: 

  • European and non-European languages, their use in business communication, in public bodies, international entities, in migration processes and mediation services. 
  • European and non-European literature and  philology with an intercultural, inter-disciplinary and inter-media approach. 

The Department is not only committed in satisfying the international and national demand in the area of research and education but also in the territory through projects aiming at the dissemination of cultural issues paying particular attention to schools, theatres and continuing education activities. 

Bachelor L11 and Master LM37 enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills thanks to a highly professional training either as specialist translators such as editors for advertising, linguists and philologists, text reviewers and dialogists or as teachers of foreign languages and cultures or of Italian for foreigners. 

Bachelor L12 and Master LM38 degree courses provide training, enabling to work as experts and specialized consultants, in the field of public administration, in migratory contexts, in European institutions, in governmental and non-governmental organizations, in tourism-cultural circuits, in the field of humanities and social sciences, in the publishing sector (with particular reference to the production of audiovisual products), and in schools. 

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Admission notices for a.y. 2024-2025 will be published in the month of April 2024

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