The Department of Economics is multidisciplinary, research activities cover a wide range of fields in economics, law, statistics, mathematics and business. The Department’s main goal is to promote research and teaching of theoretical and applied economics as well as economic institutions. The Department also promotes the dissemination of knowledge and relationships with institutions at various levels. This is pursued by acknowledging the existence of a plurality of different schools of thoughts in economics. The Department also supports the integration and coordination between research and teaching activities.
Research activities cover the following topics: general economics, Classical and Keynesian theory, dynamic macroeconomics, microeconomics, public economics, international trade and development economics, industrial economics, environmental and energy economics, labor and welfare economics, applied finance, statistical methods and applied econometrics.
The Department offers two Bachelor’s degree (Laurea triennale), one in Economics and one in Economics and Big Data. It also offers three Master’s degree (Laurea magistralis): Economics; Labour and Welfare; Environmental and Development Economics. The postgraduate programmes offered, include an international degree in Human Development and Food Security, in Cooperative Business (economics, law and management), and one in Occupational Safety Management. The Department also offers a PhD programme in Economics.

The Department is, also, partner of EPOG + (Economic POlicies for the Global transition), an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in economics, It offers a world-class integrated Master’s programme on the (digital, socioeconomic, ecological) transition processes with a pluralist approach and interdisciplinary perspectives. It involves more than 40 partners and associate partners in Europe and the world.

For further information on the Joint Master Degree, please consult the following link: Joint and double degree programmes.


Degree courses in Economics, Economics and Big Data require a compulsory and non selective exam for the assessment of basic knowledge that will be held in the “Piazza Telematica d’Ateneo”.

Date of the exam:

  • 20/04/2022 deadline for application 13/04/2022
  • 06/09/2022 deadline for application 30/08/2022

The exam lasts 45 minutes and it consists of 30 questions multiple choice regarding basic knowledge, understanding of the text and logical-mathematics.

The enrollment is conditional to taking the exam and can be carried out starting from 01/08/2022 till 17/10/2022

Economics courses, for admission purposes, recognize as valid, starting from January 1st 2022 the TOLC-E test taken everywhere.

For further information about calls for applications, proceeding for enrollment,  fees and grants, please consult the Student Portal.

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