Business Economics

Business Economics

Business Economics Department has the purpose to match students educational needs and labour market needs in line with the courses offered by the best national and international Universities

The study Programmes are 4:

1 Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration L-18 and 3 Master’s Degree in : Business Administration LM-77; Economics and Management LM-77; Finance and Business LM-16, LM-77.

The Master’s Degree course in Business Administration LM-77, offers students the opportunity to apply for a dual qualification on the basis of international agreements with the Albany University - State University of New York (USA), among the most prestigious in the field of Business Admnistration. For further information please consult the following webpage: Double Degree in Business Administration.

The Department features three research areas: Accounting, Management, Finance.



The Degree course in Business Economics requires a compulsory and non selective online exam for the assessment of basic knowledge.

Date of the exam:

  • 22/07/2022 deadline for application 15/07/2022
  • 08/09/2022 deadline for application 31/08/2022

The enrollment depends on the sustaining of the exam and can be done within 17/10/2022. Any inadequate result  involves Additional Training Obligations (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi - OFA) to be fulfilled within the first year course

The Degree Course in Economics and Business Administration L-18, for admission purposes, recognize as valid, starting from January 1st 2022 the TOLC-E test taken everywhere.

Test preparing: useful information for the training to admission test can be found on our official web site.

Maths Pre – course will take place from 12 till 23 September 2022 from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M.  Details on the lessons will be provided within September 9 2022 on the same web page.

For further information about calls for applications, proceeding for enrollment,  fees and grants, please consult the Student Portal.  

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